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My Tiny Slayers Page thingie

Another Tiny and Overlooked Corner of the Web

Slayers Guru

Welcome to my tiny corner on the web for one of my favorite anime series of all time "Slayers." Now if you're here for sounds, music, lyrics, images and generally an all around cool viewing experience then.... you've probably come to the wrong place ! In that case, I highly suggest you just go to one of my other pages, or someone else's. But since you're already here.. you might as well just deal with it. ^_- Anyhow, for those of you who have no idea what Slayers is, I highly suggest you go back to the main page of this site (if you came from there) or go to SAP and read what they have to say. For the time being, enjoy my little collection of Slayers stuff.

The Images!

Anime Pictures

Amelia and Zelli from Try

A Cg I did of Amelia a while back (that I find all over the web now.. hmph.)

Lina and Naga lookin koo

The group pic above (without the titles)

Music and Sounds

I TOLD you this page was tiny.. I just started this entire cafe' altogether so I got a huge amount of work on my hands for everything. As soon as I get around to adding something to at least every page, I'll add more.

Links to Great Slayers Sites

Have a link you'd like to add? Just e-mail me with your banner image and URL!

Well.. that's basically it for my extra tiny Slayers site.... for now anyway. You can click on Lina to the right to go back to the cafe' start page, or click here to go back to Ground Zeros. See ya!