Zeros' Awards For You To Win!

Ever notice how there's sooo many Sailor Moon award sites that they even have a RING for all of them!!? So far, I've only seen ONE Slayers award site, and sadly, that sight's one of MY OWN!!! And I never have time for that one, so I decided to make a new one, improved and stuff.... all you have to do is read the "fine print" for each award, and click on it to E-mail me. If there's no award here that includes your sight E-mail me and ask! Also, if you decide to be unfair to others and just steal an award, it wouldn't matter since I keep a list of all the winners anyway. To view winners, go here!If you'd like to donate a graphic, or have an idea for an award just E-mail me when you have a chance. And lastly, if you're not sure which one to try out for, just say so in the E-mail. Domo!

This award is probably the easiest to win out of all. The only things I ask are: there is NO HENTAI or Lemon Fic. located on your sight, it MUST be Slayers related (or if a general anime page, MUST have some Slayers content), NO broken links or images, and generally must be a decent sight! Also have to sign the guestbook.

This kawaii lil award's only for sight's dedicated to Lina! To win this, your sight MUST be generally dedicated to Lina, no broken links or images, and all in all a good sight! You also HAVE to sign the guestbook.

This award (all Ameria's idea!!) is for General Information Anime sights, that focus on one anime/manga series only. It MUST have NO broken links or images, NO hentai, lots of valid information, NO messed up information unless a rumor section, and all in all, MUST do the anime/manga series justice!! Also have to sign the guestbook.

Have a sight that's just too cool for words? Lotsa colors, java script stuff, and other neat "junk?" Then this is definatly for you: to win this award, your sight MUST be anime/manga related, NO hentai or Lemon Fic., any Java Script MUST work, no broken links or images, and an interesting layout. Also, sign the guestbook.

This one's pretty self explainatory: to win this award, your sight MUST be anime/manga related, MUST be generally kawaii and incredibly CUTE in some way (sights with lotsa chibis usually do the trick!) NO hentai and or Lemon Fic., no broken links or images. Also, sign the guestbook!

Here's the deal with this one: it may seem pointless for me to even bother posting it up, but either way, you CANNOT apply for this one: I give it out whenever I find a REALLY nice sight that catches my eye. I usually give it out to sights I bookmark and visit on a regular basis. If you want me to notice your sight at all, your best chance is to sign my guestbook since I check it every night and visit every link that's left in it. Good Luck!

This award's only for multimedia sights: lotsa mp3's and stuff: NO hentai, must sign guestbook, no broken links!!

Here's another random award: I guess to win this one, your sight has to be really creative: the general feeling has to be... well.. unique in some way: maybe good fan-fic, 'toons (You go kjh!!!) and other stuff like that! Generally I'll give it out when I feel like it, but you can apply if you really want... :P Also, doesn't HAVE to be anime realated...

Winners, go here!

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