The Love-Hate List


1. He's intelligant.

2. He has the powers to manipulate people.

3. He has the coolest hair!!!
It's PURPLE, people!!

4. In combat, he kicks booty!

5. He's the world's greatest
trickster priest!!

6. Comes up with an answer to everything....
7. ....and uses the SAME answer to
everything: "Sore wa himitsu desu!!"

8. He's resistant to most non-physical attacks
(and physical) such as magic.


1. He's TOO sneaky: you don't know whether
he's on your side or not!

2. Being manipulated isn't the coolest thing in the world!!

3. Face it: the hair looks terrible in Slayers Next
and makes him look like a reject Beatles' member! 4. He's the most powerful evil force in the universe!!

5. In the manga, he looks like a girl. 6. "Sore wa himitsu desu," can get pretty
"annoying everything you ask a question!

7. He looks so much like a girl,
he's actually convincing in drag! (Slayers Next)

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The Love-Hate List
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