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Zeros' Style and Fashion

No matter how you put it, Zeros has style: if you don't believe me, just check out how the dude dresses! The following are some of my observations:

  1. Xeros's fashion statement is... well... quite western: I'm not kidding!!.
  2. Of corse, all magic-using evil demon mazoku wouldn't be them without some kind of nifty staff!
  3. And just check out his cape: it flaps over his shoulders with a cool Arisona type pattern going on!
  4. When swimming, as Megumi put it once Zeros goes for speedos!
  5. When everyone's fav princess asked if he prefered "boxers or briefs" all he responded was "bum to the breeze!" and giggled.
  6. Zeros prefers the long hair style.... what better way to be a bad guy, than with long hair?!!
  7. Zeros also seems to enjoy earth tones unlike Lina and Gourry. Does it not work for him or what?!

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