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Zeros' Background

Not much real information is known onZeros. He doesn't exactly talk much about himself; in fact, his response to most if not all personal questions is "sore wa, himitsu desu" (Meaning, 'That is a secret.'). However, there is some information which is known: Zeros is the general-priest of Greater Beast Zelas-Metallium, one of the Mazoku lords underneath Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu.

Obviously, being the main subordinate of a major demon doesn't earn him much trust, and even if he wasn't, on more than one occasion, Zeros, has (as it seems) doublecrossed those who may have considered him a friend. However, technically he doesn't actually doublecross anyone; anyone who follows the trail of clues which Zeros, leaves behind actually is asking for trouble: welcoming it even!. You see, Zeros, is the kind of destructive, Mazoku demon who prefers lying in the shadows.

To simply tell you the answer isn't very amusing at all, now, is it? Zeros , would rather give someone a small hint here and there towards the direction which he wants them to go, and let them figure it out for themselves. Zeros talks very little, except when he wants to make trouble. He might tell a story, but the parts he leaves out of the story are probably a lot more important than the ones he tells. He even has a habit of disappearing for seemingly no reason at all, coming and going as he pleases.

Even before becoming a Mazoku, Zeros, had a reputation of being a trickster. He was a priest before, as well, and roamed the countryside with his bag of pranks, bringing trouble and good fortune wherever he went. Apparently, Zelas-Metallium liked him so much she brought him into her service, and even switching sides he hasn't lost his trickster nature, always seeming to prefer a good laugh to the 'proper' thing to do.

Manga Zeros

Ain't he cute?
However, Zeros, also has a quite nasty streak in him. He's a bit of a glutton for punishment, seeking to hurt, and to be hurt. He has no respect for boundaries, or when to shut up, or anything like that; he has little if any fear of ANYTHING.

Partially due to Zelas-Metallium, he has almost no weaknesses, so his fearlessness is somewhat justified. Damage means little - he can regenerate fairly quickly, and physical damage is nigh irrelevant.

Zeros, is even resistant to most non-physical attacks such as magic, even many attacks coming from other Mazoku. The nature of Zeros ' resistance is not quite known. Above all else, Zeros, is loyal to his master.

Zelas-Metallium has a secret agenda, and Zeros, does a very good job of sticking to it, as well as keeping it secret. No one is quite sure of what 'the plan' is, and Zeros, sure isn't revealing it. Supposedly, Zelas-Metallium was in cohorts with the Hellmaster Fibrizo before his demise, but, again, the details of the alliance are shaky at best.

Zeros, has many abilities: he is skilled in both hand and weapon combat, along with being a master of magic.

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